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We have published 3 new documents today.

Savills Viability Study.

Download Here.

Letter from Save the Pub Team to MSDC regarding repairs needed to the Royal Oak.

Download Here.

Letter from Save the Pub Team to MSDC in responce to the viability studies.

Download Here.


It is important to clarify that, contrary to rumour, previous trading accounts have proven that The Royal Oak was in fact viable and, with good management, it could certainly return to a profitable business.

That has been confirmed by a professional publican with knowledge of the pub's previous trading position.   The "Save the Pub" Team consider it to be in the interest of saving the pub that MSDC are analysing these figures and commissioned the independent viability report from Fleurets (see previous post).  It shows that they have some doubt about the owner's submission.  The independent report supports the Team's contention in concluding that the Oak "is viable as a public house" but requires investment.

Unfortunately that does not guarantee that the Change of Use application from pub to shop will be rejected.  Without that rejection, retention of the pub becomes less likely.  The application is now expected to come before the MSDC Planning Committee on 10th September at which point our District Councillors will be allowed to have their say.  Both Councillors Coote and Walker sit on the relevant committee and, Councillor Forbes (as councillor for the Ward) would be allowed to address the committee without time restriction.

It is now important that, as a village, we all contact our District Councillors to let them know how you would like the vote to go and why.

Their respective email addresses are:, and


MSDC have released a Viability Study relating to The Royal Oak from Fleurets (Chartered Surveyors dedicated to the specialist leisure property sector).

This is in response to the report from AMK which was prepared by Savills (UK).

(Fleurets) believe that the Royal Oak is viable as a public house.

the pdf can be downloaded here.


The Save The Pub team and Worth Parish Council recently met with MSDC to discuss the lapsing of the Article 4 directive.  A copy of the notes from that meeting can be viewed here.


Many thanks to the 300+ who submitted their objections to the change of use planning application, which attempts to turn The Royal Oak into a convenience store.  The current owner has recently confirmed their desire to trade a convenience store there from 7am – 11pm, 7 days a week.

Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC), have advised the current owner that more time is required to consider the planning application.  At the same time MSDC have instructed their own specialist to accurately assess the viability of the pub, choosing not to rely solely on the owners viability report, that concluded the pub was not viable.

John Sullivan from the ‘Save The Pub’ team recently met with MSDC, and was advised that a decision on the planning application would likely be made at their Planning Committee meeting in Haywards Heath on Thursday 27th August at 7pm Once that date is definitely confirmed, we will be encouraging as many supporters as possible to attend.

If you have not done so already, please make your pledge to invest in The Royal Oak as a community owned pub.


This is our final chance to SAVE THE ROYAL OAK. Deadline is 12th June. If you need guidance on what to say, please just ask. The Save the Pub team have put together a few pointers which you can use.

View the guidelines here

View the EG Courier article here

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