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The COU application (DM/15/1275) is accepting comments again, now that the missing documentation has been provided.

You can view the application here

Download the Noise Report here

Download the Viability Report here


The Change of Use Planning Application DM/15/1275 was incomplete and missing certain documents which MSDC needed to help make their formal decision.  Previously, MSDC have said that they would invalidate the planning application if the missing details were not submitted by the 8th May 2015.

It is not currently possible to access this application on the MSDC website.  As such, we believe that the application has been invalidated BUT we are awaiting confirmation of this from MSDC.

It is highly likely that a further application will be made.  When that happens we will encourage MSDC to copy across the objections that have been  submitted already.  Until that point, it is not possible to submit further representations to MSDC about this particular application.

As soon as we have any further information, we will update.

Thank you for your continued support.


WE NEED YOUR HELP to fight against a recent planning application.  The current owner has publicised her intention to convert The Royal Oak into a convenience store.  We MUST fight this application and convince MSDC to reject it.  If the application were to be approved, it would be likely that our bid to buy The Royal Oak would be outbid by a convenience store operator. 

You can view the application here

Download our objection guide document here


Meridian FM Interview with Dave Hook 20th April 2015

Listen Here


The East Grinstead Courier have an article on our purchase bid.



We have today sent our letter of intent to purchase The Royal Oak.

This can be viewied in our library page

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